ACTIVE Austria is a proud member of the Anna Lindh Foundation Network, an international organisation promoting intercultural and civil society dialogue.

Anna Lindh Foundation was established in 2004 and it became the first common institution for dialogue co-created by the European Union and its Mediterranean Partner countries. It has more than 4,500 member organisations from across the world and more than half of its leader are young women.

What are the pillars of the Anna Lindh Foundation?

  1. Empowering young voices
  2. Influencing policymakers
  3. Building a movement based on dialogue and exchange
young team

The Foundation many of its activities on young people, empowering them to use their voice and build more open, resilient and inclusive communities. Of of its programmes, Young Mediterranean Voices, provides opportunities for youngsters to shape policy and media narratives. It enables them to identify and address issues present within their communities.

The Foundation provides a lot of opportunities how to get involved. Organisations can apply to become members of the Foundation, access reasources published on the official website and there is always space for ambitious young people to become a part of the team.

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