About training course

Experimenting with scrum project management methodology for EU youth workers will be an 8-day Training Course taking place in France, gathering 27 youth workers who are motivated to acquire non-formal education methods & tools on agile project management and scrum methodology for youth work. It addresses the following objectives:

  • O1. Raise awareness and achieve attitude change around agile and scrum as frameworks used for managing software and innovation projects.
  • O2. Increase the adoption of scrum principles and showcase them as a staple in managing Erasmus+ projects.
  • O3. Empower participating youth to partake in community building through different actions and campaigns.
  • O4. Promote cooperation between European NGOs in the field of project management.

The expected results of the project will be:
1- 27 youth workers will gain knowledge and skills in agile and scrum as frameworks used for managing software and innovation projects;
2- Facilitating the future collaboration between 9 NGOs in the agile management in EU projects field;
3 – Organizing at least 1 follow-up activity (online or offline) in each participating country, reaching approximately 120 young people.
4 – creating a toolkit which will describe all scrum framework elements and include best practices co-created by the participants, will serve as a guide for professionals who intend to begin employing the scrum methodologies as well as the ones who are interested in continuing using them.

Dates: Spring/Summer 2024

*training has been postponed from previously set dates. If you have already registered, we will inform you once we have new dates.

Register here: https://bit.ly/my_eu_project

There is opportunity to prolong your stay in France up to 48 hours longor, accommodation and food during your extra days are not supported.

Partner Countries:
Austria, France, Greece, Italy, North Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain.

Profile of participants:

  • Youth workers (with fewer opportunities in priority).
  • Preferably professionally or voluntarily engaged in youth work and youth projects.
  • Interested and willing to actively engage to work on the topic.
  • Over 18 years old.

After the training

Each participant will organise local event with friends upon arrival back to Austria within one month. local event aim to inform other people about Erasmus+ learning opportunities and share experience from SCRUM training for 7 people.

The project will be taking place in the city of Clermont-Ferrand. The city is renowned for its famous chain of extinct volcanoes that surround the city, including the highest, Puy-de-Dôme, some 13 km away from the city centre. The volcano stones are used to build a lot of monuments in the city and you’ll love the gothic style of the buildings in the city—especially the Notre Dame Cathedral. The city is also a nominee for the European Capital of Culture title in 2028 also. You can read more about this beautiful city here. You will be hosted in single rooms at “Residence les Gourlettes”, 20 Rue des Gourlettes, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Traveling to Clermont-Ferrand
The easiest way is for you to book your flight to Lyon St Exupéry Airport and from there you can catch a FlixBus straight to Clermont-Ferrand. (Remember to book your FlixBus beforehand). Should a Flixbus not be available at the airport by the time you arrive, you’ll have to get the RhoneExpress train from the airport, get down at the Vaux en Velin stop, there’s a metro stop right at where you get down. You then pick the metro to Perrache stop. From Perrache, there’s a FlixBus straight to Clermont-Ferrand. Once in Clermont-Ferrand, get down at the last stop Les Salins. From there, walk to the “Maison de la Culture” tram station and pick the tramway going to “La Pardieu Gare”, get down at “Gabriel- Montpied”. The residence is a minute walk from there.
2. Another option will be to travel to Paris by flight and get a FlixBus to Clermont Ferrand from either Orly or CDG airport (depending on the airport you land at). This option is longer and more stressful as if there’s not FlixBus you’ll have to commute to Paris Bercy’s train station and catch a train to Clermont-Ferrand. We can have a discussion on this.

Travel Costs:

Travel costs will be reimbursed in accordance with the Erasmus+ rules up to a certain limit depending on the country. The reimbursement will be issued in a bank transfer between 6 and 8 weeks after the end of the project, upon the submission of ALL required travel documents either in paper or electronic format. Participants are required to refer to this table prior to booking their tickets, in order to have an idea about their travel budget maximum limit. Distance band should be calculated from city of travel to Clermont-Ferrand, France. Tool for distance band available here.

Reimbursements limits – distance bands:

  • Example: Vienna – Clermont-Ferrand = 1042 km travel will be supported up to 309 eur, and in case of green travel (no flights) up to 417 eur.

How to apply?

  1. Fill in registration form.
  2. We will inform you once we select the participants
  3. Planing your travel and sending us your travel plan for approval
  4. Once your travel plan is approved you can book your travel
  5. Participating in training course
  6. Filling in travel report for travel reimbursement
  7. Organising local event with 7 friends (provide us one picture and signature list)
  8. ACTIVE will reimburse actual travel costs up to the limit.

Register here: https://bit.ly/my_eu_project