From September 11th to 18th, 2023, we participated in an international training in Niš, Serbia, where we engaged in inclusive and dynamic workshops focused on themes such as Inclusion, Equality, Tolerance and Space for all.

This training was part of the Erasmus+ project “European Youth Voices,” which addresses significant youth issues and key priorities in five participating countries: Serbia, Italy, Austria, Latvia, and Poland. For one week, 25 young people—5 from each country—gathered in Niš to explore topics related to inclusion, equality and tolerance, and to discuss current youth issues and opportunities. Participants had the chance to engage in discussions and debates on these subjects. The training was conducted in English.

After the training, the Austrian participants applied their newfound knowledge and skills to take action and organize local events in Salzburg and Vienna. Their goal was to engage more young people in the themes of inclusion, equality, tolerance, and space for all. They organized a variety of activities, including discussions, debates, and games incorporating non-formal education elements. These events aimed to promote the European Youth Goals and raise awareness about our project.

The local events were designed to be interactive and engaging, encouraging young people to actively participate and voice their opinions. Through these activities, the Austrian participants successfully created platforms for youth to discuss important social issues and foster a sense of community. Their efforts helped spread the message of inclusion and tolerance, ensuring that the values of the European Youth Goals reached a wider audience.