Erasmus+ project European Youth Voices connects the priorities of young people in Austria, Serbia, Italy, Latvia and Poland with EU objectives. Through a comparative analysis and specific recommendations concerning implementation at national level they support mainstreaming youth policies while also creating an international network made up of youngsters, activists and more!

Ready to be a part of something amazing? Join us in Vienna on January 14, 2023 for our kick-off meeting and become an integral member of the ACTIVE team – trust us when we say you won’t regret it!

We’re looking for ambitious, adventurous young people in Austria to join us on an exciting new journey as part-time project assistants, social media editors, wordpress editors and researcher, local youth events coordinator and more! Not only will you have the chance to learn valuable skills and develop professionally – but your travels could take you across Europe meeting with like-minded peers. If this sounds up your street then sign up today, we look forward seeing what great things our future team members can do together! Join us:

European Youth Together is forging connections and creating opportunities for the next generation of young innovators. Starting with a regional focus, they are enabling youth to come together through exchanges, training events, mentor programs – even projects led by the folks themselves! All these activities can be hosted in-person or virtually; so whatever your city looks like right now – there’s always room at EYT’s table!

Project number: 101090120 – ERASMUS-YOUTH-2022-YOUTH-TOG