Are you passionate about involving young people, empowering them, and exploring issues that affect them today? If that sounds like you, this program is designed with you in mind. Taking place in the historical town Krakow in Poland from May 13th to 19th, 2024, you can join a diverse group of young people for a week of engaging and dynamic workshops focused on topics such as Information and constructive dialogue and mental health and wellbeing of young people!

Travel days are Monday 13th May and Sunday 19. May.

The training is organised within the Erasmus+ project European Youth Voices which aims to address major youth issues and key priorities of young people in 5 participating countries: Serbia, Italy, Austria, Latvia and Poland. For one week, 25 young people, 5 from each country, will get together in Krakow, Poland to delve into the topics like information, constructive dialogue and mental wellbeing and discuss current youth issues, opportunitites and have a chance to participate in discussions and debates on these matters. The training will be held in the English language.

During the training, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and skills to independently initiate and organize local events specifically for young people in Austria. Experienced youth workers will mentor you, assisting with event planning and promoting greater youth involvement in areas like information, constructive dialogue and mental wellbeing.

Upon returning to Austria, you’ll have the opportunity to raise awareness and boost youth engagement by hosting a small-scale local event. The ACTIVE team will be there to support you throughout this process. Additionally, you’ll receive a modest budget to cover expenses such as venue rental, refreshments, facilitation materials, and most importantly, your time and effort!

What are the requirements for participation?

If you are interested to participate in the training course and you haven’t done so yet, please let us know by completing an online registration form and we will contact you by email. In order to be eligible participants, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You should be fluent in English
  • After completing the training, you will be required to organise local event with young people in Austria, supported by a small budget and the ACTIVE team
  • Open mind, interest in the topic of the training and dedication to youth work are appreciated 🙂

About the local event:

As part of this project, we want to give you the opportunity to actively engage in public advocacy and have a say in important topics affecting your life. We will be organizing various activities that aim to bring together young people like yourself, decision makers, and other relevant stakeholders.

One of these activities is Youth Dialogues, where we invite youth activists, volunteers, and other young people interested in public advocacy to come together and talk about a specific topic related to Information and constructive dialogue and mental health and wellbeing. You will have the chance to voice your opinions, share the challenges you face, and propose solutions. Decision makers will also be present to listen to your ideas and make a commitment to work with you to find solutions.

Another activity is Roundtable Discussions, where we invite all young people and relevant stakeholders to participate in a discussion on the findings of our research and other important topics related to Information and constructive dialogue and mental health and wellbeing. We want to hear from you and work together to improve your position.

We also have Public Debates, which are designed for young people who are interested in debating and public speaking. These debates will focus on Information and constructive dialogue and mental health and wellbeing, and will be organized in cooperation with local stakeholders.

Citizen’s Initiatives is another activity where we will provide you with education and support on how to start and carry out initiatives to solve specific problems related to Information and constructive dialogue and mental health and wellbeing. We want to empower you to make a real change in your communities and these initiatives will be monitored even after the project ends.

Lastly, we have Public Lectures on the topics of the project, where we will invite experts to speak to you about Information and constructive dialogue and mental health and wellbeing. These lectures will be organized on local and national levels, giving you the chance to engage with decision makers and make these topics visible through debates, initiatives, and lectures. We hope that through all of these activities, you will feel empowered to have a voice and make a difference.

Requirements for local event:

  • signed participants list delivered
  • at least one common picture from local event delivered
  • min 10 participants per local event

What expenses are covered?

As the training course is supported by the Erasmus+ programme, you travels, accommodation and food expenses will be covered throughout the whole duration of the training. Once you are chosen to participate, we will ask you to plan and book your travels from Austria to Krakow and back. Transport options may include only ground transport such as trains and buses and all tickets and receipts should be kept, and after the training, collected by the ACTIVE team. While you stay in Krakow, you will be accommodated in a hotel and provided breakfast, lunch and dinner with coffee breaks in between.

In case you decide to explore Poland after the training, travel expenses can be reimbursed up to 2 days before or after the end of the training (max 2 days more for your own cultural visit in Poland), but food and accommodation should be at your own cost on these extra days.

After the training, once you organise a local event and you provide us with all necessary documents, receipts and tickets, the reimbursement process will be finalised. You can read more information about the reimbursement process here.

If this training sparks your interest, waste no time—reach out to us promptly, and we’ll assist you through the registration process.