What a great start of the hiking season 2024! In March, we organised our first hike of the year in nearby Föhrenberg natural park, an area know for its pine trees and picturesque views. Our journey began at the Mödling’s train station, from where we entered this popular nature park.

During our trek, we made several stops at notable landmarks such as the Husarentempel – the temple is one of the many artificial ruins of the Liechtenstein Landscape Park that were built in the vicinity of Liechtenstein Castle. Additionally, we visited also the stunning ruin of Burg Mödling, a medieval castle offering a beautiful panorama of the surrounding landscape.

About the hike

The group completed a 13 km hike across the park with overall elevation of 450 m. Beyond the physical challenge of the hike, participants got the opportunity to engage in conversations, exchange stories, and share insights, enriching the experience with a sense of community and belonging. For those new to Vienna, the hike offered an introduction to the city’s natural spots and a chance to connect with other hiking enthusiasts.

About Naturpark Föhrenberg

The Föhrenberge refer to an extensive area of the limestone-Vienna forest, which extends from Mödling to the southern edge of Vienna. They encircle the dynamic Sparbach Nature Park, known for its distinctive features. Characteristic are the umbrella-shaped black fears (“Paraplui trees”). The numerous meadows are supplemented by extensive dry grasslands, such as the Perchtoldsdorfer Heide with its sing population.

In the Föhrenberge forests, the red fox is a common inhabitant just like the Ziesel, a rodent endangered throughout Europe. On sunny slopes, you can even spot the emerald lizard, with males displaying a vibrant blue neck during mating season, primarily feasting on insects. A distinctive tree in the area is the black or umbrella pine. Historically, it was cultivated for resin extraction, utilized for various purposes including natural paint production.

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