Improving capacities of sport coaches by bridging sports and mindfulness.

The Mindful Coaches project was created by a partnership led by Lota’s Box from Croatia in cooperation with ACTIVE Austria and Darko Team from Bulgaria. The aim of the project is to equip sport coaches with tools and capacities to better understand and practise mindfulness in sports. The result of the project will be 100% digital learning tools consisting of mindfulness techniques and methods designed also for remote teaching. This gives sport coaches an opportunity to enagage also people from distant and rural areas.

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Project results:

  • Sport coaches and trainers will better understand the concept of mindfulness and will have at their disposal new techniques and methods to educate about mindfulness
  • Online asynchronous source of learning materials and best practices
  • Increased quality and innovative work approaches
  • Collection of mindfulness methods applicable to various sports and physical activities
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The Mindful Coaches project activities are designed to be organised fully virtually so that more people are able to follow the project and paticipate in it. As a result, the project started off in 2022 with an online meeting of the partners inviting also the general public and introducing the project. The following activities will consist of:

  • Online survey and collection of mindfulness techniques
  • Creation of online library of best practices
  • Creation of online trainings for sport coaches and trainers
  • Synchronous facilitated workshops
  • Local events in Croatia, Bulgaria and Slovakia informing the general public and local stakeholders about the project results.

Project partners:

This project (n°101089441) is supported by the EU’s Erasmus+ programme in the field of Sport which focuses on promoting healthy lifestyle and education in and through sport.

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