From April 10th to April 20th, 2024, in Croatia and Austria, we organized a transnational exchange for 18 young people from Austria, Lithuania, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, and North Macedonia as part of the Green Up Development project.

18 young people passionate about protecting the environment and creating positive change in their community, were eager to learn and ready to take action learned new skills related to the “3Rs”.

Transnational Exchange Overview:

Our project focused on raising awareness about crucial environmental issues such as pollution, climate change, recycling, and sustainable development.


  • To deepen understanding of the importance of reusing, recycling, and reducing waste in mitigating environmental degradation.
  • To explore practical strategies and initiatives for implementing “3R” principles within local communities.
  • To foster cross-cultural exchange and collaboration among participants from diverse backgrounds.
  • To inspire participants to advocate for sustainable living and environmental stewardship within their societies.
  • To encourage participants to think of potential ideas for follow-up activities and actively engage in other phases of the project.

What Participants Gained:

  • Knowledge and skills in sustainable development practices, like recycling, reducing, and reusing;
  • Opportunities for multicultural exchange and community building;
  • Leadership training and hands-on experience in environmental advocacy;
  • The opportunity to visit another country and explore its sustainability practices;
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds from six different countries;
  • Learning how to write a project proposal in a later stage and implement follow-up activities in their community.

Furthermore, each Transnational Exchange was held in English. Participants were not required to provide proof of language proficiency or be an