ACTIVE community

ACTIVE is student-led nonprofit organization with the mission of promoting active lifestyle for people of all ages and fitness levels, intercultural understanding, active citizenship. Our educational programme offers the opportunity to improve your skills, learn something new about a different culture and the opportunity to actively spend your free time with ACTIVE people in ACTIVE Vienna.


That is why we carry out ACTIVE educational activities that contribute to the fact that foreigners can be fully integrated into society.


Open ACTIVE community sparks activism, helps making connections and links individuals and organisations


ACTIVE volunteers get the freedom to do what they enjoy and what they’re good at.

  • International Sport And Culture Association
  • Anna Lindth Foundation member
  • European Commission
  • it's great outdoor coalition

New to Austria?

Get involved
Do you live in Vienna? Passionate about outdoor sports? Do you enjoy learning new things?
If you would like to belong to a ACTIVE international and friendly community, come and team up with us!
From sports volunteering, event management to project coordination you will have chance to develop your skills and to meet new friends in the city!